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Mettler Toledo introduces three-in-one analytical instrumental

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Mettler Toledo has introduced a new instrument that analyses liquid, and translucent samples for their optical spectrum, colour, and water parameters. Using the new device, Easy VIS, operators can speed up their processes and improve the quality of results – saving time, money and space.  

The tool can be used instead of three separate instruments: a colorimeter, a spectrophotometer, and special measuring methods for water testing, such as titration.  

Easy VIS is one of the next-generation EasyPlus UV/VIS spectrometers produced by Mettler Toledo.  

Easy VIS will typically be applied in the QC lab at small manufacturers in the food and beverage industry, environmental testing labs, or any industry needing quality control and supervising their processes or wastewater. It can be applied to multiple steps of the production process: inspection of raw materials, quality control of semi-finished and finished products, or testing the water quality of wastewater.  

The visual user interface with workflow guidance allows a worker to simply scan and measure, whether trained or untrained.  

Easy VIS operates within a wavelength range of 330 nm to 1,000 nm, using a tungsten lamp that easy to replace when needed.  

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