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MFE Rentals now rental and resale partner of Guardian S robot

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Sarcos Robotics has selected US industrial inspection specialist MFE Rentals as the official rental and resale partner for its Guardian S remote visual inspection robot.

The all-terrain Guardian S is a robotic crawler for visual inspections designed for unstructured environments previously inaccessible to crawlers. It has a low profile, is slim and waterproof, and can maintain real-time two-way video, voice and data communication. Sarcos says it is ‘optimal’ for inspecting narrow piping and can navigate vertical ferromagnetic surfaces, stairs, tanks, and culverts. It can be used in commercial, industrial, public safety and defence applications, has extended run times and long-range wireless communication capabilities.

‘The Guardian S robot has six cameras and magnetic tracks so it can crawl up metal platforms and has unique features for traveling over obstacles. Its potential to save time and money while avoiding putting humans in areas they couldn’t or shouldn’t safely go is exceptional,’ says Susan Nulph, MFE Rentals Sales Manager.

MFE will add the Guardian S to its stable of inspection equipment.

Jim Ryder, Chief Revenue Officer of Sarcos Robotics says: ‘MFE Rentals has extensive knowledge and experience offering tools and services for industrial inspections, and we look forward to utilising their expertise and relationships to deploy the Guardian S robot across a variety of industries for remote visual inspections.’

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