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NETZSCH delivers its millionth pump

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NETZSCH Pumps & Systems, a German-based manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, says that its subsidiary in Exton, US, has delivered the company’s millionth pump.

The millionth pump was a NEMO progressing cavity pump for high-density solids, which is modular acomes in geometrically stepped sizes for the rotor and stator conveying elements. It was built for the sewage treatment plant in the city of San Mateo in northern California, which processes around 60 million l/d of wastewater. NETZSCH delivered two NEMO pumps to the site to handle dewatered sludge cake.

The NEMO pump was developed at NETZSCH headquarters in Germany and had its components designed and built at a factory in Brazil, before being assembled, tested and shipped in the US.

‘This pump is not only evidence of the smooth and efficient worldwide processes of the globally active company, but also of its productive success. With its 8 production and assembly sites and numerous subsidiaries, NETZSCH sets a benchmark for global production and internal process reliability,’ says the company.

NETZSCH has eight production and assembly sites in Europe, China, India, South America and the US, with 30 sales companies. It has two other pump technologies besides the NEMO – the TORNAD® rotary lobe pump and the NOTOS multi screw pump. The company also makes dosing technology, grinding systems and other accessories.

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