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EEMUA releases new edition of pressure systems guide

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The Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association (EEMUA) has released a new edition of EEMUA 177, Guide to the UK Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (2000).

The guide explains how to interpret the UK’s Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR), which relate to the examination of pressure systems, whether in or out of service, to ensure safe design and use of pressure systems. The requirements in the PSSR are complex and require the judgement of an experienced professional. EEMUA 177 was designed to clarify the regulations to avoid confusion.

The new Edition 3 of EEMUA 177 includes additional guidance on postponement of examinations within Regulation 9, a revision to the guidance on Regulation 10, ‘Action in case of imminent danger’, and additional guidance on Regulation 13, ‘Modification and repair’. It also includes other useful tips based upon real-life use of pressure systems,

EEMUA says that while the guide refers to UK regulations, it is widely relevant outside the UK.

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