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nVent launches RAYCHEM hazardous area heat tracing panels

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nVent, a global provider of electrical connection and protection solutions, has launched a new range of hazardous area heat tracing panels for the European market under its RAYCHEM brand.

The range provides a flexible, in-field heat-tracing control and monitoring solution that integrates with the RAYCHEM Elexant network. The panels optimise heat tracing operations and reduce total installed costs and project lead times.

RAYCHEM hazardous area heat tracing panels are available in standard configurations or as a customised, engineered solution. The panels are designed for installation close to heat-tracing circuits in hazardous field locations, reducing cabling and saving space in power distribution substations. They enable quick, easy system inspections via a touchscreen user interface. The Zone 2 panels provide real-time visibility of the heat tracing system, reducing the time needed for configuration, monitoring and maintenance.

As well as the standard Zone 2 panels, nVent has introduced a panel winterisation system, specially deigned for Arctic regions and temperatures down to -55˚C.

‘In harsh climates, the winterised version of our Zone-2 panels provides a reliable, energy-efficient solution to keep vital operations running smoothly,’ says Kirill Yakimovich, nVent regional sales manager for Russia. ‘Via our patented panel heaters, we provide heat precisely where it’s needed, helping to ensure delicate components are protected without excessive energy costs.’

The panel manufacturing process is fully UL-approved in compliance with ATEX and IECEx regulations, an in-house capabilities mean shortened lead times and a fast response to specification changes.

‘By combining local and centralised controls with advanced monitoring, our new range creates an optimal control architecture for petrochemical production and other industrial operations,’ says Jaap Nieuwenhuizen, nVent vice president of EMEAI. ‘Its launch demonstrates our commitment to delivering the process integrity, real-time visibility and reliability that plant owners and operators demand, alongside reduced cost of ownership. Users can also integrate wireless connectivity via the inclusion of the nVent RAYCHEM Elexant 9200i wireless communications interface. This simplifies heat tracing installation upgrades and further reduces wire infrastructure costs.’

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