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Phillips 66 & Square Robot in JV over inspection robot

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Phillips 66 is jointly developing an autonomous robot that can inspect storage tank floors while product remains in the tank.
Jointly working with Square Robot, the companies are developing the untethered robot, which is currently being designed and is expected to be certified for use in a wide range of petroleum products.
The robot is expected to enter service in mid-2018.
In order to examine tank bottoms, the structures are taken out of service to be drained, opened and cleaned. This robot will be able to automatically survey and map obstacles within a tank while it remains in service. This will create a specific route map allowing maximum coverage of the tank floor.
Using non-destructive testing data gathered, a certified inspector will produce a floor thickness map allowing for a more accurate prediction of a tank floor’s remaining life.
Todd Denton, general manager, midstream operations, Phillips 66, says: ‘Ensuring the integrity of our equipment is one of our top priorities and we are always looking for innovative new technologies to help us achieve this.
‘Our collaboration with Square Robot presents a unique opportunity to develop technology that will enable us to maintain our equipment and minimise disruption to our customers.’

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