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Procentec launches new network security products

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Dutch diagnostic and monitoring tool producer Procentec has launched four new solutions and a wide subset of features for its existing Osiris products, which focus on network security.

The company revealed each product during a product launch day on 8 April 2021. The products tackle both internal threats from those with legitimate access to networks and external threats, from the likes of hackers and malware.

‘These days, accidental or intentional sabotage is a huge worry for anyone who relies on an industrial network for their automated processes. Whether it’s a mistake due to inexperience with a task or protocol, or an action designed to inflict damage, it can lead to production downtime. And that hurts,’ says Pieter Barendrecht, CEO of Procentec.

The first new product is Security License, which monitors changes to industrial networks that are either air-gapped from or linked to the internet. It has centralised visibility and control to allow network managers to respond quicker to security vulnerabilities.

Network Compare is for Ethernet-based networks, and monitors for changes after a status snapshot has been taken. Any subsequent changes will cause Network Compare to send out alerts to network managers.

LockBox is a blockchain-based platform that provides a centrally controlled catalogue of approved firmware, to overcome the persistent problem of unverified and randomly downloaded software.

SeeVerify is an interactive tool that guides field technicians through routine and not-so routine tasks and that ensures key maintenance tasks are done and best practice is always followed.

Osiris software allows the remote monitoring of Industrial Ethernet and PROFIBUS installations, and the new features focus on security issues.

‘We know how vital it is to protect industrial networks against attacks, no matter where they come from. That’s why we want to become the automated industry’s go-to place for OT network security. Together, our new releases provide a network’s first line of defence,’ says Barendrecht.

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