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RegO Products introduces new CBE504 series

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Computer-generated blue cyber security shield with a keyhole on a back and blue digital backgroundRegO Products has announced the launch of its new CBE504 series half-inch pressure builder-economiser regulator, which has been designed to help achieve and maintain proper pressures in cryogenic vessels, minimising the risk of product loss during their operation.

RegO’s new CBE504 series replaces the existing CB504 and offers several advantages, including a more compact size and wider range of pressure settings.

Similar to the capabilities of RegO’s PB504 series pressure build regulator, the CBE504 unit can produce pressure-build speeds that are up to two times faster than competitive models. Additionally, because the CBE504 design combines the pressure-building and economiser functions in one unit, it saves space and simplifies installation in tight plumbing geometries, is 40% lighter than competitive models and reduces leak points.

Notable features and benefits of the CBE504 series pressure builder-economiser regulator include:

a maximum inlet pressure of 600 psig (41.4 barg) and a set pressure range of 25 to 550 psig (1.7 to 37.9 barg)

cryogenic temperature rating from -320ºF to 150ºF (-196ºC to 65ºC), designed and suitable for use in various cryogenic industrial gases, including nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO2 and LNG

economiser setpoint linked to pressure builder setpoint, which helps ensure correct adjustment

lateral economiser port with 1.7 times larger flow area than competitive models for faster response time and reduced product loss

economiser seal design tied strictly to the PB outlet function to prevent pressure runaways, further reducing potential for product loss


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