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RightShip expands access to data platform  

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ESG-focused digital maritime platform, RightShip, has launched RightSTORE, a self-service e-commerce platform providing access to RightShip data for accessible products. 

As part of RightShip’s commitment to democratising data for the maritime industry, RightSTORE will also host a range of other zero-harm products from trusted partners. 

Developed and delivered from RightShip’s technology hub in Singapore, RightSTORE is the key to the proverbial engine room, providing unprecedented levels of access to RightShip’s existing data and information, without the need for a traditional subscription. This new point of entry provides an alternative and cost-effective route to information beyond the traditional subscription model, breaking down data silos and empowering opportunities for innovation beyond the maritime sector. 

Marlon Grech, CTO, RightShip, says: ‘For us to truly make a meaningful impact, it is essential that everyone has access to transparent maritime data. The industry has been calling for greater transparency in relation to safety, sustainability, and social responsibility for some time now. However, progress has been slow and data remains scarce.’ 

Grech continues: ‘RightSTORE is a significant step towards democratising maritime data. Instead of purchasing entire data packages or reports, customers can access the exact information they need to make informed decisions, creating a level playing field for all stakeholders. By inspiring a step-change in information for innovation, we hope to accelerate technology development and contribute to a safer, more sustainable world.’ 

Steen Lund, CEO, RightShip says: ‘RightShip has always been steadfast in our belief that no single person or entity is responsible for harm reduction; instead, it is the responsibility of everyone at all levels and in all businesses to be a proponent for zero-harm. However, critical information is often siloed and not readily available to stakeholders who could use it to learn, inform policy and inspire transformational change. Through RightSTORE, everyone from students, researchers and educators, through to tech start-ups, consultancies and regulators, will have access at the touch of a button – it’s a powerful opportunity and I’m excited to see where the industry takes it.’ 

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