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Shell rolls out 2,500 TWTG sensors

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TWTG NEON vibration sensor

Dutch Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) hardware company TWTG, has delivered the first 2,500 NEON Vibration Sensors to Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rotterdam.

TWTG says that it is proud to have achieved the milestone in the highly competitive landscape of LoRaWAN-based devices. Together with Sophie Winter, Shell’s digital change lead, Nadine Herrwerth, managing director at TWTG, outlined a case study to the audience at StocExpo. Having tested various sensors, and piloted various other systems, Shell decided to purchase TWTG sensors, after considering features such as design and measuring accuracy.

‘We are delighted by the trust put into TWTG for the delivery of our NEON solution, which will be accompanied by our SolidRed IoT platform to carry out complex data analytics to depict the full spectrum analysis,’ said Herrwerth following the joint presentation.

The project demonstrates the benefits of condition-based asset monitoring to industrial sites. By detecting bearing-faults on pumps or other rotating equipment early, customers can react to detailed information before any issues arise. This enables a reduction in downtime and can contribute to the elimination of potentially hazardous situations.

Leo van Driel, senior rotating equipment engineer, at Shell Energy and Chemical Park Rotterdam, says: ‘We will equip a new project right from the start with a significant amount of wireless vibration sensors. And right from the moment of startup and commissioning we expect to gain a lot of information about the vibration behaviour of our pumps, which will significantly help us in understanding any deviations from that ideal behaviour in the future. Much more than we can today with the only – once in a month – momentary inspections we are used to.’

Vibration Sensors will change how operators and engineers manage their rotating equipment, and Shell is eager to reap the benefits of this new TWTG device.

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