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Square Robot Secures 6th US Patent

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Anamika Talwaria

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Square Robot has secured its 6th US patent for ‘Systems, Methods, and Apparatus For In-Service Tank Inspection.’

This patent focuses on a system which includes a vehicle having a propeller, a latch mechanism, a pressure switch, and an inspection device. The system includes a control unit in communication with the propeller, the latch mechanism, and the inspection device, and electrically connected to the pressure switch. The control unit powers on responsive to the pressure switch detecting an ambient pressure greater than a minimum threshold. The control unit receives, from the latch mechanism, an indication of a state of the latch mechanism. The control unit determines that the cable used to lower the vehicle into the tank containing the flammable fluid is detached from the vehicle. The control unit commands the propeller to move the vehicle through the flammable fluid. The control unit determines a quality metric of a portion of the tank.

In a LinkedIn post, the company said: ‘As we scale globally, each patent focuses on aspects of our robotic technology, strengthening and expanding our intellectual property protection, and maximizing our competitive advantage in the tank inspection industry.’

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