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Stolthaven Terminals and XL Batteries sign MoU

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Stolthaven Terminals and grid scale energy storage, XL Batteries have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the development of a flow battery with industrial-scale electricity storage capability. The partnership brings together XL Batteries’ expertise and innovations in flow battery technology and Stolthaven Terminals’ global presence in providing bulk liquid services.

A flow battery is an electrochemical energy storage device in which two chemical solutions are pumped on opposite sides of a conductive membrane. Ion transfer across the membrane allows electrical energy to be either stored or used. XL Batteries’ breakthrough chemistry provides a highly stable, efficient and sustainable solution at low cost.

As well as developing the technology, the companies will support Stolthaven Terminals’ ambition to make its primary activities carbon neutral and the potential decarbonisation of surrounding industrial and residential areas by providing local energy storage.

President of Stolthaven Terminals, Guy Bessant, says: ‘While there has been significant focus on renewable power generation there has been less focus on long-term energy storage, which is critical for the global transition to ‘greener’ energy alternatives. Stolthaven Terminals has been working on finding a partner in electrochemical storage and in XL Batteries we have found one that shares our vision to use innovation and skills partnerships to develop energy solutions for the future.’

‘We are excited to work with Stolthaven Terminals to help their transition to green-energy usage. Our plan to deploy XL batteries at Stolthaven Terminals represents a huge win for carbon neutrality, and we appreciate Stolthaven’s recognition of XL’s product differentiation and potential…XL’s flow batteries are safer, more cost effective and a better overall fit for long-duration energy storage, which is critical for fully enabling renewables and carbon neutrality,’ adds founder and CEO of XL Batteries, Tom Sisto.

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