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Tecam Showcases Emissions Treatment at StocExpo 2024

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Anamika Talwaria

Editor & Head of Content for Tank Storage Magazine & StocExpo and Chair of Women in Tanks.

Tecam, a leading environmental technology company, proudly announces its successful participation at StocExpo 2024, the meeting point for tank terminals in Europe. Held on 12-13 March in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, StocExpo provided a key platform for Tecam to exhibit its cutting-edge environmental technology solutions tailored for the tank storage industry.

Tecam’s stand at StocExpo 2024

During the event, Tecam highlighted its innovative emissions treatment and hydrocarbon vapour recovery technologies, specifically designed to meet the rigorous environmental standards of the European tank storage sector. With a focus on sustainability and emissions reduction, Tecam’s solutions offer a proactive approach to addressing the industry’s evolving challenges.

Tecam’s presence at StocExpo 2024 underscored the company’s commitment to driving environmental excellence within the bulk liquid tank storage industry. By leveraging its extensive experience in the oil & gas, petrochemical, and chemical sectors, Tecam delivers customized solutions that align with the unique technical requirements of each customer.

‘We are delighted by the success of our participation at StocExpo 2024,’ says Bernat Sala, CEO at Tecam. ‘As a trusted leader in environmental technology, Tecam remains dedicated to providing tailored solutions that contribute to a zero-emissions future for tank terminals.’ With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Tecam continues to lead the way in delivering environmental solutions that drive operational and environmental efficiency in the tank storage sector.

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