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TotalEnergies selects Dropboard for berth scheduling

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The European refining and petrochemicals unit of TotalEnergies has selected Systems Navigator’s Dropboard platform for berth planning and scheduling.

Dropboard can advise on berthing, turn-around times and process times, allowing the user to select optimal arrival slots and reduce waiting times. Because it can visualise waiting times, the systema can predict future demurrage costs. Users can identify the root causes of demurrage and take demurrage risks into account when making operational decisions. This allows for plan optimisation and ultimately lowers demurrage costs.

The platform can link TotalEnergies’ headquarters with its site scheduling teams, allowing real-time scheduling and updates. Dropboard is connected to TotalEnergies’ own IT systems and shares information with the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business intelligence platform, improving the transparency and communications between stakeholders in multiple locations.

‘We are proud to support the boosting of the efficiency of the platform in Antwerp by optimising and harmonising the business processes of the logistic operations. We are excited that Dropboard will play a major role in reducing demurrage costs and allowing planners to make better decisions at all sites where Dropboard is deployed,’ says Joost Smits, Systems Navigator commercial manager.

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