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TWTG launches NEON Contact Sensor

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NEON contact sensor

Dutch Internet of Things (IoT) specialist TWTG has launches its new NEON Contact Sensor, adding to the line that includes a temperature transmitter and vibration sensors.

The NEON Contact Sensor uses magnetic field detection to ensure the correct placement of assets. The sensor detects the magnet, and therefore the asset it is placed on, on a time-based interval. If the sensor cannot detect the magnet, it will send an alert message which can trigger alarms to operators. Data is collected and then transmitted wirelessly.

Like all NEON devices, the contact sensors is battery powered, ATEX Zone 1 / IECEx certified, and uses LoRaWAN wireless backhaul.

‘We knew that once we had developed our first products, it would pave the way for faster and more precise product development in the future. It’s a really important aspect of our work, to listen to our customers – it allows us to design and develop new solutions to address actual use cases and increase field safety. I’m very proud of what the team has achieved,’ says John Tillema, TWTG’s CTO.

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