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US Oil and US Gain form US Energy

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Supplier and terminal operator of refined products and renewable fuels company, U.S Oil, and developer of alternative fuels company, U.S. Gain, have announced the formation of a combined company, U.S. Energy.

U.S. Energy is a vertically integrated energy solutions provider proficient in refined products, alternative fuels, and environmental credits. Its comprehensive portfolio of assets paired with risk management, financial services, and advisory insights offer customers realistic, executable strategies that satisfy both their economic and environmental goals.

As a key supplier to the transportation market, U.S. Energy offers diesel, gasoline, natural gas liquids, ethanol, biodiesel, renewable diesel, compressed natural gas, renewable natural gas, electric charging solutions, hydrogen, and a variety of carbon credits.

Eric Kessenich, CEO at U.S. Venture says: ‘This reunion is an important milestone for our company. While our roots remain in the refined products side of our business, we recognise the need to offer a more diverse range of solutions under one brand as our customers’ needs evolve—ultimately becoming an energy-agnostic solutions provider. With U.S. Oil’s tenure in refined products and U.S. Gain’s expertise in renewables, we knew we had an opportunity to service our customers with a more comprehensive offering and a streamlined experience.’

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