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ACME and IGL sign MoU

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Renewable energy company ACME,  and city gas distribution company IGL, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to jointly explore the potential business opportunities of green hydrogen.

ACME and IGL will work jointly to promote the adoption and demand for green hydrogen to their customers. The companies will also work together to explore the opportunity of setting up hydrogen generation plants including setting up electrolysers to blend green hydrogen in IGL’s existing pipeline networks suppling gas to households, industrial and commercial set ups and CNG for vehicles.

Ashwani Dudeja, president and director of green hydrogen and ammonia at ACME says: ‘The partnership would benefit both the companies, where ACME will offer its experience and expertise, while IGL being a green energy provider to several cities and millions of homes, have a ready-made network to blend green hydrogen. We will also co-operate on policy matters and help the industry and government to bring in enabling regulatory framework that facilitates and incentivises the customers to provide long term offtake commitments for green hydrogen and green ammonia.’

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