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Africa’s first hydrogen power plant to produce electricity in 2024

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French independent power producer HDF Energy expects its green hydrogen power plant in Namibia, to start producing by 2024.

The project is estimated to cost approximately $181.25 million and will aim to supply clean electricity power constantly. This will boost the electricity supply in the southern African nation, which imports around 40% of its power from South Africa.

Namibia wishes to harness its vast potential for solar and wind energy to produce green hydrogen and position itself as a renewable energy hub in Africa.

The project will see 85 megawatts of solar panels powering electrolysers to produce the hydrogen that will be stored.

In addition to this new project, HDF Energy is also looking at projects across Africa and other parts of the world.

The move to the green hydrogen sector is also supported by the European Union, which is planning a deal with Namibia to support the country’s emerging green hydrogen sector and boost its own imports of the fuel, as the bloc works toward reducing its dependence on Russian energy.

Hyphen Hydrogen Energy is also in talks with the country’s governmental bodies to secure an implementation agreement for their $10 billion green hydrogen project, which will produce 350,000 tonnes of green hydrogen each year, before 2030, for both global and regional markets.

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