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Alkion Terminal Marseille secures Isotank storage platform

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Alkion Terminal Marseille has secured permit approval for its Isotank storage platform. Alkion Terminal Marseille has become the first location in the south of France to receive an authorisation from DREAL (the regional directorates for the environment, planning and housing) to open such platform.

The new platform at Alkion Terminal Marseille is transformative for southern Europe and will bring Alkion into the European Isotank market. Aurélien Jakalski, sales engineer and project developer at Alkion Terminal Marseille says: ‘Such a platform does not exist in the south of Europe and it’s a must have for all Isotank users. It will lead to more safety and reliability regarding the storage of products, but also to several supply chain optimisations and decreased CO2 footprint due to multimodal solutions.’

The execution phase began in May 2022 and Alkion are finalising the demolition of several old tanks to prepare the land for the construction of the Isotank. It is expecting to receive the first Isotank on the platform in September 2023.



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