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Biokraft receives land in Sweden

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Sweden’s Perstop municipality has approved a land allocation agreement on municipal industrial land for Biokraft’s planned biogas production plant.

The site has excellent road connections and is in a landscape with plenty supplies of manure and organic waste from surrounding agriculture. The plant is planned to be the same type Biokraft is building in Mönsterås, Sweden, and is also planned in Kalmar and Scania’s Fagerhult, where environmental permit processes are already underway.

Biokraft will now begin an environmental permit process for the Perstop facility, estimated to take nine to 12 months. The plant in Perstorp is expected to start production approximately 18 months after environmental approval, given that funding is obtained, and other administrative requirements are met.

The various facilities will be based on manure as raw material and be built in collaboration with local farmers who are also offered shares. The planned facility, which will create approximately 15 new jobs, will have a production capacity of 130 GWh annually. This corresponds to 400 heavy trucks’ annual diesel consumption.

Biokraft intends to expand its current production capacity of 440 GWh to at least 3 TWh by 2030. The growth will be incremental with aims for 1.2 TWh of production capacity by 2026. The increase in capacity will primarily result from the building of several new large-scale production facilities in northern Europe.

Demand for liquid biogas is booming in Sweden, so domestic production is needed to satisfy the domestic market and utilise synergies within other Swedish facilities.

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