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Cattalini pier increases cargo capacity 

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Cattalini Terminals Marítimos, a liquid storage terminal in Brazil, has extended the draught of the outer cradle of its private pier from 12.5m to 12.8m. The change was evaluated by the Captaincy of Ports of Paraná (CPPR), the Ports of Paraná and Praticagem.  

‘The increase has a direct impact on the cargo capacity of ships operating on Cattalini pier with a potential movement gain of approximately 2,100 tonnes of liquid bulk per ship,’ said José Paulo Fernandes, Cattalini’s CEO. 

The outer cradle of Cattalini’s private pier has the operational capacity to receive ships with up to 70,000 deadweight tonnage (DWT) and 229m in length overall. This will increase the draught, which will speed up operations and reduce the cost of freight. 

Lucas Guzen, senior commercial manager at Cattalini says: ‘The increase in draught is the result of constant investments in dredging campaigns and the greater operational capacity of the terminal. We make constant investments in safety, technology, infrastructure and dredging acting with respect to people and the environment. The new draught will provide, with safety, the optimization of the use of the crib and greater customer satisfaction.’ 

We cannot fail to highlight the efforts of The Ports of Paraná in advancing improvements in the navigation channel and the professionalism with which this Authority, the Captaincy of Ports and Praticagem treated the claim,’ stresses Fernando Pereira dos Santos, manager of health, safety, environmental protection and quality. 

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