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Chevron and JERA join for carbon solutions

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Lower carbon solutions organisation, Chevron New Energies, and seaborne energy trader, JERA have signed a joint study agreement to collaborate on multiple lower carbon projects. The study will explore the potential co-development of lower carbon fuel in Australia, including production, carbon capture, utilisation and storage, (CCUS) and new technology.

As part of their focus across the hydrogen value chain, Chevron and JERA will also study liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC) in the United States. This has led to both companies investing in Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies.

Jeff Gustavson, president of Chevron New Energies says: ‘Chevron and JERA have worked together to bring affordable and reliable energy to our customers in the form of LNG, and we are excited about the opportunity to further build upon this relationship as we identify opportunities to provide ever-cleaner energy.’

‘We believe that strengthening our cooperation with Chevron will not only expand business opportunities for both companies but also contribute to the stable supply of energy in Asia Pacific and the US to transition to a decarbonised society,’ adds JERA corporate vice president, Yukio Kani.

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