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Cummins and Chevron announce strategic collaboration

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Molly Cooper

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Cummins and Chevron USA, a subsidiary of Chevron, has announced a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to leverage complementary positioning in hydrogen, natural gas, and other lower carbon fuel value chains.

The announcement expands the two companies’ previous strategic collaboration on hydrogen and renewable natural gas.

Eni acquires Chevron’s assets in Indonesia Man and a woman writing on a whiteboard, woman holds laptop

Jennifer Rumsey, president and CEO, Cummins says: ‘By collaborating strategically with Chevron, we plan to improve access to fuel and infrastructure for our customers, helping grow the availability of alternative and renewable fuels while reducing emissions.’

‘Collaborations like this one with Cummins are intended to make energy and global supply chains more affordable and reliable while helping commercial fleets who use our products and Cummins’ equipment to advance a lower carbon world. No one company or industry can go at it alone…’ adds Chevron’s president of Americas products, Andy Walz.


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