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Denbury announces CO2 site in Louisiana

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Hydrocarbon exploration company, Denbury has announced an agreement with a large landowner in southwest Louisiana, US, for the future development and operation of a dedicated CO2 sequestration site.

The strategic location of the site provides nearby storage potential for the heavy industrial areas of Beaumont and Port Arthur, Texas, and Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Denbury estimates that there is potential to store up to 250 million tonnes  of CO2 in the site, with first injection planned as early as 2026.

Nik Wood, Denbury’s senior vice president, CCUS says: ‘Denbury has unparalleled experience and CO2 pipeline infrastructure in the US Gulf Coast for the transportation and storage of CO2. Today’s announcement adds an important piece in the development of our CCUS business, providing another significant future storage site in close proximity to our pipeline infrastructure, which naturally expands the reliability and future capacity of our network.’



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