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Ecopetrol and Repsol make hydrocarbon discovery

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Colombian petroleum company, Ecopetrol and multinational energy company, Repsol report that the Tinamú-1 exploratory well, located in Meta, Colombia has confirmed the presence of heavy crude oil (16°API). This is a characteristic of this hydrocarbon-producing area of Colombia.

The well through which the discovery was made reached a total depth of 7,832 feet (approximately 2.4 km) and tested hydrocarbons in the K1 operational formation, at a depth of 7,500 feet measured (approximately 2.2 km) from the surface.

In the development of the initial tests, a total of 7,329 barrels of crude oil were produced with a water cut of 1%. The companies will submit an evaluation plan to the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH), after which an extensive testing phase will begin in order to determine the potential and size of the new field.

Ricardo Roa, president of Ecopetrol S.A. says: ‘Ecopetrol and Repsol are committed to continue seeking new oil and gas reserves to guarantee the energy security of Colombians. The discovery of Tinamú-1 is another step in achieving that goal.’

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