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Ecospray and Ruhe Group to build additional bio-LNG plants

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The Italian engineering firm Ecospray announces that it has gained a new contract from Germany’s Ruhe Group to build two biomethane plants and three CO2-liquefaction plants.

Each project involves the construction of a complete system for pre-treatment, upgrading, liquefaction of biomethane and the liquefaction of CO2, with associated storage and cryogenic tank filling.

The first project is expected to produce eight tons per day of bio-LNG, while the second one is set to produce three tons per day, the same quantity as the one that started the collaboration between Ecospray and Ruhe in 2021. The construction of this plant is ongoing and it will be commissioned according to the schedule.

Ecospray plans to establish and deliver all three-plant located in Bavaria and Brandenberg, in autumn 2023. The three plants are estimated to produce a total of 26.5 tonnes of bio-LNG per day for the heavy-duty transport sector.

Boris Drewes, CTO of Ruhe Biogas Service, affirms that ‘The technology [bio-LNG] is easy to use and we can offer it as a standard product for various plant sizes. Our goal is to establish this product together with our partners for the decentralised production of alternative fuels in Germany and Europe.’

‘We share the same vision as Ruhe and the same trust in this technology as a tool for achieving decarbonization by 2050,’ adds Maurizio Archetti, President of Ecospray. ‘The construction of these new plants, which also include CO₂ capture and liquefaction, is a significant milestone in our journey towards the creation of clean energy for a zero-emissions planet. The development of various carbon-capture technologies is, in fact, one of the projects that we are investing most in, not only for land transport but also for the marine sector.’

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