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EemsEnergyTerminal provides new LNG link 

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Under the direction of Gasunie, the EemsEnergTerminal was established in just six months and includes two FSRUs (floating storage and regasification units) that turn liquified gas (LNG) into gaseous and natural gas. Upon the terminal’s opening, Minister for Climate and Energy Policy, Rob Jetten says: ‘This is a true European effort, to make sure that Europe stands strong against Russian aggression and Europe will become energy-independent as soon as possible.’ 

Completed in record time – in just six months – the facility is expected to be running at full capacity by December 2022. The 500 million investment into the project includes a new 4km-long underground pipeline that transports the natural gas to the existing gas grid. While currently equipped to handle natural gas, the facility could also play a key role in the import of hydrogen to the region. 

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