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Enbridge develop ‘blue’ hydrogen, ammonia production facilities

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Moda Ingleside Energy Center

Enbridge and Humble Midstream agreed in May to develop and market a low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia production and export facility at the Enbridge Ingleside Energy Centre, which Enbridge acquired in 2021, in a $3 billion deal.

The potential cost of the new development is estimated to be between $2.5 billion and $3 billion. The new development would include a unit that turns natural gas into ‘blue’ hydrogen. This so-called ‘blue’ hydrogen refers to the way gas is converted and the carbon-dioxide by-product is captured and stored, along with ammonia.

Up to 95% of the carbon dioxide generated in the process, will be isolated to a new carbon capture infrastructure.

Texas Eastern Transmission Pipeline is expected to provide the transportation service for the natural gas feedstock.

The progression of the project depends on securing enough customer support and regulatory approvals. If both are secured, the companies aim for an in-service date in 2026.

In addition to this project, Enbridge plans to build out at least 60 megawatts of solar-power production capacity on 500 acres on the Ingleside Energy Centre property. Their ambitious project aims to establish clean energy alternatives on a world-class scale.

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