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ExxonMobil announce emissions reduction project

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ExxonMobil, a multinational oil and gas corporation, has entered into an agreement with CF, a leading global manufacturer of hydrogen and nitrogen products, to capture and permanently store up to 2 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions annually from its manufacturing complex in Louisiana, USA.

‘CF Industries is pleased to partner with ExxonMobil through this definitive CO2 offtake agreement, accelerating our decarbonisation journey and supporting Louisiana’s and the country’s climate goals,’ says Tony Will, president and chief executive officer at CF.

Dan Ammann, president of ExxonMobil low carbon solutions says: ‘ExxonMobil is providing a critical and scalable solution to reduce CO2 emissions, and we’re ready to offer the same service to other large industrial customers in the state of Louisiana and around the world.’

The project is expected to start in 2025 and supports Louisiana’s objective of net zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

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