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Fire at BP refinery injures two

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A fire that broke out at a BP oil refinery in Ohio has injured two people. Witnesses saw giant smoke clouds as the fire spread across the refinery.

BP commented that it shut its refinery in Ohio, after the fire, which injured two, broke out.

BP is yet to comment on the cause of the fire; however, it is speculated that leaking fumes from a crude oil unit may have been responsible for the ignition, according to Reuters.

The facility, which has only recently finished maintenance, pumps approximately 160,000 barrels of crude oil per day to the Midwest.

When addressing safety and its importance at refineries, BP’s website expresses: ‘We believe that technology can play an increasing role in reducing safety risks, and we continue to extend its use in this context across our refining operations. Key actions included the continuing use of drones and robotic technologies for inspections, removing the need for people to face the risks involved in carrying out inspections.’

The BP Ohio refinery fire follows high press coverage of another fire, in Cuba, which occurred in August and brings an increased spotlight to establish improved fire safety protocols.

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