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Flogas completes deal for LPG

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The UK’s leading liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) supplier Flogas, has completed a deal with North Sea Midstream Partners (NSMP) and Exolum, which will see up to 120,000 tonnes of LPG turned inland at Teesside, northeast England, UK, from October 2023.

The deal is set to boost the resilience of off-grid energy across the North of England and Scotland, providing security of supply to homes and businesses in the region. The facility also has capacity to be a gateway for renewable gases in the future.

This development is part of Flogas’s commitment to improve the security of the UK’s off-grid energy supply, reducing the reliance on imports, and providing clear options for renewable energy in the future in support of net zero targets.

James Rudman, business development director at Flogas Britain says: ‘While we continue to lead our customers towards a net zero future, we recognise we must also ensure supply stability today. Our vital investment in Teesside, alongside partners NSMP and Exolum will deliver resilient national supply. It will ensure business continuity for thousands of customers across the North of England and Scotland, and safeguard our commitment to provide reliable off-grid energy to even the most remote locations.’

Luke Robbins, commercial director, NW Europe at Exolum, adds: ‘We are delighted to be working together with Flogas and NSMP to deliver such an important project for the Teesside area. We are committed to supporting the needs of our customers and this investment at our Seal Sands terminal is further evidence of Exolum’s track record of investment in the UK’s energy infrastructure.’

Sayma Cox, CEO at NSMP, says: ‘NSMP is pleased to partner with Flogas Britain and Exolum in Teesside. The partnership continues to ensure security of supply in the UK and strengthens the resilience of the UK off-grid market at a crucial time for homes and businesses across Northern England and Scotland.’

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