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Gasunie and Storag Etzel join for hydrogen storage in Germany

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Independent storage company, Storag Etzel has announced that energy network operator, Gausine will become a partner in the hydrogen storage piolet project, H2Cast. This participation is a first step for Gausine, towards developing hydrogen storage facilities in the salt caverns near Etzel, Germany.

The first step involves a pilot project in which two of the existing salt caverns will be made suitable for hydrogen storage and connected by an above-ground installation. Within the pilot project, Gasunie will be responsible for the above ground facility to connect the two hydrogen caverns.

Han Fennema, CEO of Gasunie: ‘Hydrogen is going to play an important role in the future energy system, especially for making industry more sustainable. For a well-functioning hydrogen market, large-scale hydrogen storage is a crucial component. Gasunie has the ambition to develop salt caverns for hydrogen storage in both the Netherlands and Germany.’

‘The industrial scalability of the underground storage is unique for the H2CAST pilot. Gasunie will optimally strengthen the project consortium, which is of strategic importance for the Etzel site. The pilot project is a starting point for a future value chain to enable the ramp-up of the international hydrogen market,’ adds Boris Richter, Managing Director of Storag Etzel.

The pilot project is expected to be ready in 2026.

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