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Global Tank Storage Award Winners announced

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This year’s Global Tank Storage Awards ceremony brought together over 200 terminal professionals on the 15 March in Rotterdam to celebrate 2023’s winning entries.

Companies and individuals were recognised for their achievements in innovation, sustainability, safety and preparing for the future of the tank storage sector.

The Emerging Technology Award went to iSensPro for its iSens-SDS ATEX moisture and CUI-sensor. The judges said that this technology could well be a game changer for the maintenance of insulated tanks and that it offered lots of opportunities to save time and money.

The Environmental Performance Award went to Circor, for its Houttuin Energy Recovery Control Valve. With energy costs and sustainability initiatives rising, the judges felt that this was a brilliant approach that could help lower cost and increase sustainability.

The Safety Excellence Award went to  Odfjell Terminals Korea. The judges were impressed with how the terminal has taken safety to the next level beyond the traditional lagging indicators, and has moved to embrace leading indicators. They also noted that Odfjell Terminals Korea had made a work permit required for all maintenance or operational activities that have no written procedure – and called this truly best in class.

The Terminal Optimisation Award was handed to Diamond Key International for its Omega Digitz. The judges noted that this was a great solution to address the pandemic that has transcended into a solution, creating enormous agility and flexibility for the terminal operator.

The Rising Star Award was given to Guy Curtis, General Manager of EWFM. The judges were very impressed with Curtis’ track record of success in just a few years of service. His dedication, initiative and innovative ideas shone through in his nomination.

The Innovative Technology Award went to Nordweld for its Tank Building System, which the judges said was a very impressive product and a fantastic solution that allows for the quick and stable construction of tanks on site.

The Port of the Future Award went to North Sea Port, for its out-of-the-box thinking and creative solutions towards carbon neutrality.

Brand new for 2023, the Excellence Through Diversity Award was given to Emerson for setting up a number of initiatives to encourage inclusivity and diversity. The judges were impressed but the sheer scale of the scheme, as well as the company’s commitment to reaching such a huge range of minority groups through different inclusion schemes.

The Safety Technology Award was handed to Real Safety for its Anti-Slip. The judges were impressed with how this simple solution addresses such a major challenge.

The Terminal Innovation Award was given to ORLEN Unipetrol RPA. The judges complimented the terminal’s use of digital technologies to ensure the operator has the latest information to hand, validate safety standards and improve efficiency.

The Outstanding Achievement Award was given to Nicholas Gohl, CFO of Aquarius Energy. The judges were pleased with the way Gohl champions terminals in alternate markets and understands the broader picture, finding a concrete way to help a community, beyond making money.

The final award of the evening, the Terminal of the Future award, was given to Advario. The judges said it was clear Advario is looking beyond not only improving the sustainability of its own operations, but also with a vision of the terminal of the future as one that also helps its customers decarbonise.


2023 Award winners in full:

Emerging Technology Award

Gold: iSenspro

Silver: Voliro

Bronze: ClIin Robotics


Environmental Performance Award

Gold: Circor

Silver Tecam

Bronze: Aquacycl


Safety Excellence Award

Gold: Odfjell Terminals Korea

Silver: ITC Rubis Terminal Antwerp

Bronze: GPS Chemoil


Terminal Optimisation Award

Gold: Diamond Key International

Silver: Smartflow

Bronze: Insights Global


Rising Star Award

Gold: Guy Curtis, General Manager, EWFM

Silver: Martyn Bazem, North West Technology Lead, Exolum

Bronze: Amy McKeown, Business Development Manager, Re-Gen Robotics


Innovative Technology Award

Gold: Nordweld

Silver: TWTG

Bronze: Imbibitive Technologies


Port of the Future Award

Gold: North Sea Port

Silver: Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Bronze: Port of Amsterdam


Safety Technology Award

Gold: Real Safety

Silver: ScoutDI

Bronze: CLIIN Robotics


Terminal Innovation Award

Gold: ORLEN Unipetrol RPA

Silver: Rubis Terminal Tepsa-Bilbao

Bronze: Koole Tankstorage Botlek


Outstanding Achievement Award

Gold: Nicholas Gohl, CFO, Aquarius Energy

Silver: Helena Hjortsberg, Manager Solutions for Rosemount Tank Gauging, Emerson

Bronze: Patrick Kulsen, Managing Director, Insights Global


Excellence through Diversity

Gold: Emerson

Silver: Pallavi Kanhere, Assai Software Services

Bronze: Vopak


Terminal of the Future

Gold: Advario

Silver: Euro Tank Terminal

Bronze: ACE Terminal Rotterdam


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