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Grand Isle LNG announces new export facility

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Grand Isle LNG in Louisiana, USA, has announced the proposal of a LNG export facility. The new facility promises to deliver a cleaner environment and competitively priced US LNG, as well as significant economic benefits to the region.

Grand Isle LNG expects to start delivering in 2026. The proposed deepwater port is a platform-based modular design with pipeline access and near shore location.

When complete, the plant will consist of a crew quarters platform, two gas treatment platforms, two 2.1 mtpa liquefaction platforms, two loading platforms, one thermal oxidizer platform, and two 155,000 m3 storage and offloading vessels.

Grand Isle LNG CEO, Robert Shivers said: ‘Significant benefits of the proposed natural gas processing and LNG export facility are that it will provide affordable, clean energy, and generate long-term, good paying jobs throughout the Gulf South and beyond for years to come.’

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