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Green corridor between Rotterdam and Gothenburg

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The Port of Gothenburg and Port of Rotterdam have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for a green corridor initiative to support sustainable shipping between the two ports. The MoU will also further strengthen the ports’ ongoing cooperation on decarbonisation and digitalisation.

As part of the green corridor initiative, the ports will establish a structure for cooperation to stimulate the use of new alternative fuels which are needed to reach full maritime decarbonisation and contribute substantively to the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Elvir Dzanic, CEO of the Gothenburg Port Authority says: ‘As one of the world’s most sustainable ports since many years, we are happy to share and spread our experience, as well as taking steps forward and joining forces with other world ports like the Port of Rotterdam.’

Both ports are already actively involved in the development of more sustainable fuels for shipping.

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