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Heirloom unveils America’s first commercial direct air capture facility

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Molly Cooper

Molly Cooper

Journalist at Tank Storage Magazine.

Climate technology company, Heirloom has announced America’s first commercial direct air capture facility. The facility can capture up to 1,000 tons of CO2 per year, which will be sent for centuries-long storage in concrete to fulfill commercial removal purchases.

a person wearing a hard hat and yellow vestHeirloom’s CEO and co-founder, Shashank Samala says: ‘The capacity of Heirloom’s limestone-based technology to capture CO2 from the air has gone from 1 kilogram of CO2 to up to one million, or 1000 metric tons, in just over two years.’

This domestic DAC facility will help to advance President Biden’s 2050 net zero goal and California Governor Gavin Newsom’s 2045 state net-zero targets.

Fully powered by renewable energy – supplied locally by Ava Community Energy – and constructed with union labour, Heirloom’s Tracy facility has been operational for nearly 1,000 hours and is actively capturing atmospheric CO2, which will be permanently sequestered in concrete through a partnership with CarbonCure Technologies.

The company’s goal is to remove 1 billion tons of CO2 from the atmosphere by 2035 – a figure which represents 20% of today’s annual U.S. emissions and 10% of global carbon removal needed annually by 2050.

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