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Horisont Energi partners with Koole Terminals in Rotterdam port

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Horisont Energi, a Norwegian clean energy company, and Koole Terminals, a leading independent liquid bulk storage company, have announced plans to develop a new CO2 terminal in the Port of Rotterdam. The terminal and storage facility will handle both clean ammonia and CO2. Several hectares will be redeveloped for tank storage, multi-modal connections and access to at least two deep-sea jetties. This will allow for the throughput of multi-million tonnes of product.

‘We are very excited to announce that our cooperation with Koole Terminals will include a CO2 terminal,’ says Bjørgulf Haukelidsæter Eidesen, CEO of Horisont Energi. ‘The two companies have cooperated well during this first year, and it is essential for us to bring about solid relationships with key storage, handling, and transport partners in the region so we can establish an end-to-end carbon capture and storage (CCS) service, while ensuring that our clean ammonia can reach all potential clients. This is an important step for Horisont Energi.’

‘This partnership fits very well with Koole Terminals’ sustainable energy strategy to facilitate the transition to a low-carbon future, and we are proud to work together with Horisont Energi to materialize their European distribution hub for renewable energy and CO2. Furthermore, it will accelerate Koole Terminals’ international expansion plans to reach new markets,’ says Tamme Mekkes, Business Development Director of Koole Terminals.

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