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Implico becomes member of Independent Tank Storage Association UTV

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Stainless tanks and pipeline for liquid chemical industrial on sky background
Stainless tanks and pipeline for liquid chemical industrial on sky background

As of October 2023, Implico is an associate member of the Independent Tank Storage Association UTV.

As advocates for digital transformation, Implico aims to illuminate innovative pathways for Germany’s tank terminal operators, placing a significant emphasis on:

– Spearheading the green transformation, emphasising the reduction of carbon emissions and promoting the global proliferation of green fuels
– Addressing the prevailing skilled worker shortage by proactively seeking talented individuals driven by ambition and success
– Ensuring comprehensive documentation of sustainability data throughout the entire supply chain
– Prioritising IT security and comprehensive digitisation

Rolf Adam, CEO of Implico Group, underscores the essence of the journey ahead: ‘Remaining connected with pivotal decision-makers across various sectors is crucial. We need trailblazing solutions in the energy domain to ensure we’re not merely reacting to externalities but actively shaping our future. Implico is committed to championing this vision.’

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