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JERA develops LNG facilities with Summit Power

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JERA, through its subsidiary JERA Asia, has concluded a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Summit Corporation, a subsidiary company of Summit Power International, the largest independent power producer in Bangladesh to collaborate on the development of LNG supply, storage and regasification and LNG.

In line with increasing gas demand and a decline in domestic gas production, Bangladesh needs the development of a stable LNG supply to meet demand. The MoU indicates JERA and Summit will collaborate on LNG storage and regasification, and the long-term supply of LNG to Bangladesh.

LNG will also play an important role in the acceleration towards a carbon-neutral future in Asia, especially in Bangladesh. JERA would like to deepen its cooperative relationship with Summit Power with this MoU and to contribute to the reliable supply of energy and the strengthening of the LNG value chain in Bangladesh through its involvement in the LNG supply, storage and regasification.

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