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Koole Terminals acquires Maastank

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Koole Terminals has acquired Maastank B.V. The Maastank terminal in Botlek Rotterdam, Netherlands formerly part of the Dekker Group, is a key player in the Rotterdam port area in the storage and handling of vegetable oils, fats, and biofuel feedstocks.

‘The acquisition of Maastank is one of the many steps in our strategy to meet the challenges in energy transition,’ says John Kraakman, CEO of Koole Terminals. ‘In order to further develop and strengthen a future-focused infrastructure and service portfolio, it is necessary to keep investing in expanding and ensuring an optimal supply chain for our customers in biofuel feedstocks and vegetable oil products.’

‘This transaction is testament to the value of Maastank’s portfolio of services,’ says Jan Duel, CEO of the Dekker Group. ‘I am proud of the talented team we have brought together, and the terminal we have developed. I have full confidence that Koole Terminals is the right partner for Maastank in the next phase of the company’s journey.’

Duel continues: ‘This transaction will benefit both Maastank’s employees and customers, by providing the necessary resources to drive further growth. It will also bring value to the port of Rotterdam, where we have had the privilege to grow our business.’

Koole will operate the facility as multi-product terminal under the leadership of the facility’s current management team. Future plans include further developing the quality of its multimodal solutions in the Rotterdam area – which will be serviced by the facility – as well as further investments into the terminal’s infrastructure and capacity.

‘The addition of Maastank to the Koole service portfolio provides greater capacity and expansion opportunities at the port of Rotterdam, which remains a strategic gateway in Europe for storage and transshipment, and processing of various products,’ says Kraakman. ‘This acquisition will make it possible for Koole to further enhance the scale and breadth of services offered in some of our core product markets in Rotterdam, thereby deepening our supply chain integrated customer relationships and facilitating further growth of our platform of terminals.’

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