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Japan’s IHI Corp studies conversion of LNG terminals for ammonia  

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Japan’s IHI Corporation is looking into the possible conversion of LNG receiving and storage terminals located close to gas-fired power plants into ammonia-based facilities. 

IHI will investigate the potential to modify LNG terminals, as it wants to use ammonia, for boilers and gas turbines 

The company will draw on its corrosion expertise and experimental technologies for materials to study the feasibility of modifying the terminals. 

IHI have agreed with General Electric’s (GE.N) turbine manufacturing unit to develop gas turbines operating on ammonia to reduce carbon emissions. 

Tokyo aims to use ammonia to eventually replace coal and develop a fully ammonia-fired power plant by 2050. However, its reliance on coal and gas for power generation has increased since the 2011 Fukushima disaster, which left its nuclear power industry in turmoil. 

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