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Largest liquid hydrogen tank leaves India

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INOXCVA hydrogen tank

INOXCVA, an Indian multinational, among the world’s leading manufacturers of cryogenic equipment and solutions, has waved off the largest bulk liquid hydrogen storage tank ever made in India. The tank has left INOXCVA’s Kandla facility in India to a clean energy demonstration project in South Korea. With a massive storage capacity of 238m3, the cryogenic storage tank is built to European Standards, while also meeting Korean Gas Safety (KGS) requirements.

South Korea is amongst the leading countries in the development of hydrogen as a clean energy source. This new liquefier is in line with the South Korean government’s plan to considerably densify the network of hydrogen stations in the country with 310 stations and more than 67,000 hydrogen vehicles across the country.

‘We are honoured to have designed, engineered, and manufactured the largest liquid hydrogen tank ever made in India, and become a part of a global clean energy initiative,’ says INOXCVA Director, Siddharth Jain. ‘We have demonstrated our world-class cryogenic capabilities for projects of such magnitude. This tank, which is the first in a series of many such solutions to be manufactured at our Kandla facility, will strengthen India’s hydrogen infrastructure and support the country’s vision of becoming a Green Hydrogen Hub and augment the adoption of this clean gas as an energy alternate.’

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