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Lhyfe to develop 200 MW plant in the Netherlands  

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Green and renewable hydrogen producer, Lhyfe, is to develop a new plant in Delfziji, the Netherlands; an area that is a large consumer of hydrogen as a chemical feedstock. Lhyfe will be supporting companies in their decarbonisation efforts by supplying them with renewable green hydrogen, using electricity from the region paired with the electrolysis process.  

The Netherlands hopes to be one of Europe’s pioneering countries in green hydrogen. In the future, an old salt cavern will be converted to store hydrogen to secure a steady flow of green hydrogen to industrial users. 

The new plant is part of Lhyfe’s work to progress European countries’ green and renewable hydrogen market. In ambition of becoming a leading European green and renewable hydrogen producer, the company is establishing decentralised hydrogen ecosystems of various plant sizes throughout Europe. In addition, Lhyfe is also establishing new standards in the offshore hydrogen sector, inaugurating the world’s first offshore renewable green hydrogen production pilot on 22 September.  

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