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Peru oil spill labelled ‘intentional’

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On 16 September, a pipeline transporting crude oil from the Amazon to Peru’s desert coast suffered a spill, affecting indigenous communities in Peru’s northeast region of Loreto. Peru’s environment ministry has estimated that the spill is at least 2,500 barrels. State-owned oil company Petroperu is yet to release an estimate.

Petroperu said in their statement that the spill was a result of ‘intentional’ damage done to an oil pipeline operated by them. Over the past years, the pipeline has suffered several spills.

Indigenous communities local to the spill site, have been blocking the large Maranon River in protest of the oil spill, restricting the supply of medicines to those affected, and scientists from taking water samples.

The oil spill is one of several to happen this year in the Amazon, an area considered by scientists to be of crucial importance to avert catastrophic climate change.


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