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Port of Antwerp first to introduce a GDP certificate for pharmaceutical distribution

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When distributing pharmaceutical products, specific handling is required. The Good Distribution Practice (GDP) sets out the guidelines for the method by which to do this. The Port of Antwerp has successfully situated itself as the first seaport to transform these rules into the maritime sphere.

Recently, domestic, and foreign stakeholders from the Life Sciences & Healthcare visited Antwerp for a tour of the distribution process for the pharmaceutical products of the port.

Individuals who visited the port were able to see the security checks in the port, the loading processes, and the journey to which the port become the world’s first GDP maritime port.

Operating by the GDP regulations creates a quality assurance system, whereby medicinal products, blood plasma, and medical equipment journey through the port. At the tour, it was also announced that these GDP rules shave been enshrined into an official certification.

Those who apply for the certification, demonstrate they care about quality in all aspects of their service.

With Belgium as a major hub for the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector, many businesses have decided to house their offices there. The port also produces a mass of medicines, leading to one in six medicines exported from Europe, being set off from Belgium. With the increasing demand for medicinal transportation to be moved away from the air, the Port of Antwerp-Bruges offers a crucial alternative and plays an important role in this process.

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