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QatarEnergy names LNG fleet carrier ‘Rex Tillerson’

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QatarEnergy has announced that it has named the first LNG carrier to be delivered as part of its new LNG fleet expansion program the ‘Rex Tillerson’, in recognition of the former chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil, who also served as the 69th United States Secretary of State.

During his 10-year term as Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil, Tillerson oversaw the consolidation of relations with the State of Qatar and its energy sector, resulting in strategic partnerships and significant investments in Qatar’s LNG industry. While making his mark on the global energy scene, he concurrently assumed a pivotal role in both initiating and overseeing the implementation of landmark energy projects in Qatar.

The ‘Rex Tillerson’ is expected to be put in service in September 2024 and is currently under construction at the Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard in China as part of a 12-ship construction program that makes up the first batch of orders from China in QatarEnergy’s massive LNG shipbuilding program. QatarEnergy’s new fleet will be equipped with the latest maritime technology ensuring optimal operational efficiency and compliance with the most stringent environmental regulations, thus reflecting QatarEnergy’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Commenting on this announcement, Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, the minister of state for energy affairs and president and CEO of QatarEnergy, says: ‘This announcement is a testament to the remarkable achievements of an exceptional energy visionary, a man whose legacy will continue to be felt in Qatar for decades. As a result of Tillerson’s leadership, a long and fruitful strategic partnership that flourished from one of the oldest Qatari relationships with international oil companies, prospered and developed even further. For that, it is our honour to name the first LNG carrier built as part of our new fleet in his name, a tribute to his life-long accomplishments and a symbol of a special relationship.’

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