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Renergen says South Africa’s first LNG plant launched

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Renergen has launched South Africa’s first commercial LNG production plant as part of the first phase of its Virginia gas and helium development.

In a recent statement, the firm said that the Virginia gas project is now operational, transitioning Renergen from explorer to producer by producing liquid hydrocarbons, with helium module producing liquid set to take place soon.

Renergen will find the system beneficial and has commenced filling bulk storage tanks to begin delivery of products to customers. With the start of operations, Virginia becomes South Africa’s first commercial LNG plant, according to the firm.

Renergen will focus on progressing operations over the coming months to full Phase 1 capacity – which would play an essential role in reducing the country’s carbon footprint by substituting diesel in trucks and for commercial users.

The initial production phase of the Victoria project will produce approximately 350kg of helium and 2,500GJ of LNG. Renergen signed LNG supply deals with a unit of Italtile, Ceramic Industries, and Consol Glass.

Renergen also plans the second stage of the Virginia gas project.

CEO Stefano Marani says: ‘This is a significant step on the path to showing the world that Renergen can become a global player in liquid helium supply and a material local supplier of much-needed LNG.’

LNG will be used as an alternative to diesel by local consumers. Renergen will continue its plans, after receiving international support.

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