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SBM Offshore signs 10-year agreement with ExxonMobil Guyana

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SBM Offshore has announced it has signed a 10 year operations and maintenance enabling agreement with Esso Exploration and Production Guyana for the operations and maintenance of FPSOs Liza Destiny, Liza Unity, Prosperity and ONE GUYANA.

This agreement establishes the new terms related to the operations of the Guyana FPSO fleet for a period of 10 years up to 2033. This contract supports SBM Offshore’s long-term business vision in Guyana enabling the company to perform local and sustainable investments in people and infrastructure as well as to deploy its digital and operational technologies to the Guyana fleet.

Bruno Chabas, CEO of SBM Offshore says: ‘We are very pleased with the contract concluded with ExxonMobil Guyana leveraging both companies’ recognised operating excellence. This contract capitalises on our developments in Guyana to date, positioning the company for long-term operations in the country. This integrated operation model is the first of its kind in the industry and extends our relationship with ExxonMobil Guyana by integrating further our teams. We believe it is the optimal solution to achieve excellence in the operation of Guyanese assets bringing value to all stakeholders and setting a new performance benchmark for the industry.’

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