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Spanish Association of Renewable Ammonia Founded

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Exolum has announced the Spanish Association of Renewable Ammonia (AEAR), a partnership of 17 companies. The association aims to contribute to the energy transition, promoting different actions that promote the entire value chain of renewable ammonia.

Green planet

AEAR’s mission encompasses both the decarbonisation of ammonia for existing applications, and the adoption of low-carbon ammonia in new applications and involves actors across the ammonia value chain. Existing applications include fertilizers, chemicals, explosives and other industrial processes; New applications include the direct use of ammonia as a fuel for electric power generation or transport (maritime, air and land), and indirect use as a carbon-free hydrogen carrier.

This fits well with Exolum’s strategic objectives and pillars of its Sustainability Plan. In the words of Exolum CEO, Jorge Lanza: ‘other projects in which we are focusing are those linked to the decarbonization of ammonia, a product that is in demand, because it is the raw material for fertilizers, and whose value chain is very similar to that of oil.’

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