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StocExpo 2023 launches with a fresh look

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StocExpo, the leading international tank storage event, taking place 14-16 March 2023, has transitioned away from its former branding to an updated, fresher, look with a white and green theme. In recognition of the evolution of the tank storage industry towards cleaner, greener fuels, StocExpo has changed its branding with more modern colours and icons.

Working across an international audience, StocExpo recognises the significance of having a universally understood design and logo that immediately conveys both the emphasis on future fuels and a move towards modern business ethics.

The fresh modern branding reflects this to invite new businesses to join the leading international tank storage event to network and experience a vast portfolio of products and services.

Run by Easyfairs, the StocExpo event happens in tandem with the official publication, Tank Storage Magazine, and the Tank Storage Awards. Easyfairs’ decision to rebrand StocExpo not only helps modernise the brand but also helps create a closer partnership of Easyfairs’ different tank storage media. It allows the tank storage community to gain wider insight, greater opportunities, more experience, and specific expertise.

New features at StocExpo 2023 also reflect this, including an Asset Management & Integrity Conference, collaboration with FETSA, an iTanks pitch contest, an innovation & sustainability trail, a terminal site visit, and much more. The new features at StocExpo and the new branding harmonise what StocExpo is all about the future of tank storage.

Register now for StocExpo on 14-16 March 2023:

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